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battlenetfurs's Journal

___Battle.Net Furries____
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Welcome to Battle.Net Furs, a community created for Furrie fans of the many Blizzard games on Battle.Net. We're not fussy about which games you play, its all good, but there are some basic rules :

1. Don't bash others peoples game choice, just because they didn't like Diablo I as much as II is no excuse for petty name calling. Wait til they act silly, then call them a n00b. =P

2. Flamage is not welcome here. We all have better things to do, if you must flame, go find a drama community, there are plently of them.

3. Try to stay on topic - its a pretty wide topic after all, from fanart to strategy to clan advertisment, it really isnt that much to ask.

4. This is a PG-13 community open to the public, so please, no mature/adult material.

5. Cuttags. Use them. For images. Or your post will be edited and they will be manually added. You where warned.

6. Dont feed the trolls. If they show up, they'll be dealt with. Or laughed at. Whichever happens first.

Other than that, post and have fun. This community was mostly created to help furs hook up with other party members for online play, but you can also discuss just about anything that has to do with the Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo game series'.